1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Yours faithfully

Opening on Friday 6th July, 2018
Show continues till 10th July, 11 am to 7:30 pm daily

Of songs held together by strings,
 of eyes, ears and touch, 
of the familiar and the unknown,
through the luminous clouds,
through the earth forms in its saturation,
of gazes,
into the deep wells 
of the constellations of the sparkles, 
of friends, of family, of living beings, 
and finding the ocean and the shore, 
of the here and now

‘Yours Faithfully’ is an installation of objects, sculptures, and drawings, exploring the problematic theme of seeing and being, while making a few propositions to the familiar and the unknown. At the same time, the works strive to reclaim elements of faith, by juxtaposing them across the imaginative and exploring forms in terracotta and pigments. Few objects reimagine the critical through simple imaginative forms.  
Yours Faithfully,
an installation of objects, sculptures, and drawings, by Umesh Kumar P.N.

Umesh Kumar P.N. is a visual artist based in Bangalore, India. He has worked in various media on themes related to healing, faith and the elemental.