1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Landmark Events at 1Shanthiroad


1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery opens with a simple mandate: to create a private home and an art space.


Early International Residencies

Silke Kaestner (DAAD Programme, Germany) and Mandy Ridley (Asia Link Residency, Australia) are some of the first few International Residents at the Studio/Gallery. This was the beginning of 1Shanthiroad’s collaborations with artists, studios and organisations across the world.


Collaboration with Khoj, Delhi

Khoj at 1 Shanthiroad was a three year project, an annual residency where artists from South Asia worked alongside artists from Bangalore. The collaboration with Khoj brings an understanding of ‘international to local’, it connected artists and audiences across various borders and was an insight into shared cultural practices of the global south. This project was in partnership with Khoj International Artists’ Association and supported by Navabhai Ratan Tata Trust and Jamsetji Tata Trust.


Think Tibet

The outcome of a collaboration between Think Tibet and 1 Shanthiroad was an exhibition REWA: 50 years of Hope. Working with Tibetians in exile in the city of Bangalore, the project, which was funded through a grant from the Asia Network Arts Grant, intended to move away from the typical media images of the struggle in Tibet to platform the voices of Tibetians in exile.


1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery receives The Robert Bosch Art Grant to support local artists and residencies

Image: Dipti Desai’s 2011 exhibition, What I Owe


Sethusamudram Project

The Sethusamudram Project was a two-nation endeavour between 1Shanthiroad and Theertha, an artists’ collective in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The collaboration resulted in exhibitions featuring works from artists who worked in Bangalore and Colombo as well as a book, ‘Sethu Book Art Project’. 

The Sethusamudram project was funded by Arts Collaborator.

Image: No Title, Pradeep Kambathalli, 2012


Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan

1Shanthiroad’s collaboration and relationship with Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan is multifaceted. From the mid-2000s to the present, both institutions have worked on the bangaloREsidency and bangaloREsidency Expanded, where artists from India and Germany have interacted with each other, building relationships across cultures to enhance their artistic practices. These interactions have resulted in numerous exhibitions and showcases at the 1Shanthiroad’s gallery.

Apart from working on contemporary relationships, the two institutions also brought into focus the historic relationship between Germany and the state of Karnataka (erstwhile Mysore) through the work of horticulturalist GH Krumbiegel.

The project was supported by the then director of Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Evelin Hust.


‘Whatever he touched he adorned’

Part of the GH Krumbiegel project was a multimedia show – a contemporary response and tribute to the horticulturalist, which was curated by Suresh Jayaram and featured artists Ayisha Abraham, Shamala BJ, Madhu, Shantamani, Surekha, Suresh Kumar, Sunoj D, Anuradha Mathur and Dilip daChuna.

Image: Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan’s director at that time, Evelin Hust and Suresh Jayaram at the show.


Behind the Seen


Behind the Seen was an exhibition featuring four individuals who have been behind the art scene in Bangalore. These artistic interactions have had an undeniable impact on them; and resulted in this exhibition. This was an attempt to showcase their creative abilities and acknowledge their presence.

Prabhakar.D.R was at that time, working with the ‘Max Mueller Bhavan’ (Bangalore) as a technician, though he has informally been a multifaceted assistant. Mohana used to be the caretaker at ‘No1.Shanthiroad’ till 2020. Subbaiah has been assisting ‘Samuha’ and otherwise he is a vegetable vendor and mason from the outskirts of Bengalooru. Shiva hails from a farming community and was a cop by profession. He was the manager at 1Shanthiroad and is now a photographer.


Somberikatte / Relook Talks

The Re-Look Talks, which began in 2010 is a series of lectures by artists, art historians, culture theorists, many of whom were travelling to Bengaluru for the first time. These ‘Somberikatte’ talks took many twists and turns, looking at contemporary art and art history through newer, sharper lenses. The word ‘Somberikatte’ itself takes on many meanings, usually referring to an ‘idler’s platform’, but it is under these large shady trees that gossip, discussions and ideas thrive. 

The RE-LOOK lecture series is conceived and programmed by Pushpamala N, funded by Somberikatte and hosted by 1Shanthiroad.


 The first Next Step Residency

Supported by the Sher-Gil Sundaram Arts Foundation, this grant allows artists to live and work at the 1Shanthiroad. Five artists are chosen from an all India Open Call by an indpendent jury. Since 2016, 1Shanthiroad has hosted the Next Step Residency Programme annually.


Collaboration with Lichtenberg Studios

Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin has been running an international artist-in-residence programme since 2006. This residency project gives artists the opportunity to live and work in East Berlin, forming their own impressions of the city and its art. 

One of their main focuses for the residency programme is collaborating with international institutions, like 1Shanthiroad and Goethe Insitut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore. 1Shanthiroad sends one resident every two years to the Lichtenberg Studio. Suresh Jayaram, Sandeep TK and Ashok Vish travelled to Germany as part of the collaboration, while artists Uwe Jones (Director, Lichtenberg Studios), Leo de Munk, Annika Hippler, Matthias Beckmann came to Bangalore to stay and work at 1 Shanthiroad.

Uwe Jones and Matthias Beckmann’s residencies were collaborations between 1 Shanthiroad, Goethe Insititut/Max Mueller Bhavan under the directorship of Christoph Bertrams, and Lichtenberg Studios.

Other artists from Bangalore also travel to Lichtenberg Studios as part of Goethe Insitut/Max Mueller Bhavan’s bangaloREsidency Expanded.


Inlaks Foundation

Artists like Tapan Moharana (2017) and Arshi Irshad Ahmadzai (2019) were residents at 1Shanthiroad with support from Inlaks Foundation.


Bangalore Connect – Project 560

Bangalore Connect was a series of projects supported by the India Foundation for the Arts under Project 560. The focus was to create curated exhibitions that referred to the city as a site & inspiration. It was an attempt to relook at the city through the lens of the artist as an archivist, activist and curator which resulted in eight different projects: 

Bangalore Mapping Project
Representing Bangalore in Landscape: A Homage to Rumale Chennabasaviah
Urban Fabric
Bangalore, Inside/Out
Namma Ooru Namma Janaa – 101 Kathegalu
Written on the City: Comics and zine-making workshop
The Bengaluru Postcard Project
The Cuisine – Ootada Kathegalu


The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook

The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook is a collection of recipes from the community kitchen of 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery, compiled and edited by the director, Suresh Jayaram and published by Reliable Copy. It features recipes from artists, curators, patrons, residents, and the extended family of friends of 1Shanthiroad. The cookbook is a portrait of an evolving cultural community.

The cookbook was launched in the presence of many friends, patrons and supporters of 1Shanthiroad, including Claus Heimes, who was the director of Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan from 2016 to 2021.


Bangalore’s Lalbagh

Bangalore’s Lalbagh is a chronicle and anecdotal narrative of the city and its oldest garden—the Lalbagh Botanical Garden— where the author, Suresh Jayaram, has grown up around. The book touches upon the significance of the garden in its historical and contemporary context, and sheds light on the often unseen gardener communities that tend to the Bangalore we identify with today. With research that stems from the author’s role as an artist, art historian, curator, and garden enthusiast, the book grounds itself in local histories and presents.

Bangalore’s Lalbagh was possible with the support of Manish Gajria, Mohan S. Narayanan, Shezaan Bhojani, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, Indo-American Hybrid Seeds and Svasa Homes


Pandemic as Portal

Pandemic as Portal is a project showcasing and archiving visual arts practices across the country created during the spread of COVID-19 in our country.

The project was supported by Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan; funds that were released during this time was instrumental in keeping afloat numerous artists and institutions during the lockdowns in India.

Four projects emerged: 
Framing Infection which showcased 20 artists and their practise 
Still, a photobook 
Solpa Adjust Madi which featured 7 cooks and a meal
Beyond Self, a series of short documentaries featuring people from different backgrounds during the pandemic


Alli-Illi / Achi-Kochi / There-Here  India + Japan

A collaboration between Paradise Air in Matsudo, Japan, and 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery, Bangalore where artists from both countries travelled, worked and had cross cultural conversations in the residency context.
The group show featured all three residents responding to their visit to Japan, through photographs, videos, materials, crafts. Simultaneously, in Japan, Paradise Air’s Jumpei Mori, Shun Owada, Kenji Kodairaare put together an exhibition.

Image: Benzaiten, Sandeep TK, 2021


20 Years of 1Shanthiroad

1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery turned 20 and celebrated the ocassion a new logo designed by Bangalore based designer, Shruti Chamaria.


Hinged by Fabric

Facilitated by 1Shanthiroad, this was a collaboration between Anitha N Reddy and the women of the Siddi Community with support from Atlassian Wonderspace and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Amplifying conversations across cultures and communities, the show included a large-scale textile-based installation along with other quilts created by the collaborators.


Reciprocal residency in Germany

Suresh Jayaram and Sandeep TK spent three months in Germany at the Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin



1Shanthiroad continues to host residents from across the country. Sameer Kulavoor, visual artist based in Mumbai was a resident in June 2023.


India Art Fair

1Shanthiroad showcased five emerging artists from our pool of resident artists: Aishwaryan K, Dakshayani Chippada, Dayananda Nagaraju, Lakshya Bhargava and Shyamli Singbal, along with two Artist folios:
Potluck: a tapestry of varied media, featuring artists Archana Hande, Ayisha Abraham, Ravi Kumar Kashi, Sameer Kulavoor, B.V. Suresh, Pushpamala N., N.S. Harsha, Surekha, Manjunath Kamath, Shanthamani M., Sheela Gowda, G.R. Iranna and R.S. Shamsunder
Quartet: Contemporary photography from Germany, featuring artists Annika Hippler, Flo Maak, Nora Bibel and Saskia Groneberg. All four artists were previous residents at 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery through the bangaloREsidency program, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore. 

The 1Shanthiroad institutional booth is supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore