1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Urban Fabric Project

We wish to work with the fabric culture of Bangalore, the long tradition of hand weaving, tailoring, readymade garments, modern mills like Binny, and other stories that represent the story of fabrics. This interactive community project archives the diversity and cosmopolitanism of Bangalore. It will document the city’s culture through food and Material culture. This project is a collaborative effort to look at the materials, metaphors, meanings generated from the city’s material culture of fabric. We will curate the many artists who work with these materials. The curated exhibition will feature artists who have worked with the city’s material culture. The labor, materials, craft skills, and micro-narratives. Weaving-Shamala Nandesh, Lalitha Shankar Quilting- Anita Reddy, Jeevan Xavier- modern fabrics, Tailoring-Umesh Kumar.