1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Srishti Group Show

A group exhibition showcasing capstone projects by Manvi Bajaj, Preethi Karunakaran and Rachita Burjupati from the graduating batch of Masters in Creative Arts, 2019. 
Does the land remember? meditates on memories of homes lost during the partition and reflects on the loss of these memories over generations through the artist’s reimagining of home and memory. Glitched is an installation that speaks of the absurdity of the current epoch of the Anthropocene – its exclusion of non-human beings while being locked in a completely interdependent system with them. With strings attached, an installation engages with the discourse of everyday internet usage and its manifestation on the web in the realms of dataism. Growing complexities of the web and it’s dramatized visualisation is depicted through an immersive experiential interactive space.