1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Robotic Realities-an exhibition by Yando Siebert

Opens Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 6PM
On display till February 27, 2019. 10AM – 6PM

Yando has been working with the human figure to represent our reality. His images of mechanical parts and human beings collide to express the angst against the mechanizations of our lives. His drawings of expressionistic entangled bodies are a maze, representing an orgy of human beings and machines that have alienated us from each other, as we are constantly monitored and surveyed by gadgets of the state and multinationals. In a set of collages, Yando rips open the body, dissecting it to show our inner self through the physiology of medical charts. It explores the body as a machine and juxtaposes it with the debris of the machine that is recycled, repaired or reused. The accelerated changes in our reality are inevitable; we are replaced by machines and have become mechanical. These works explore this rupture and search for a humanity that is lost in this transition.

In Yando’s words, “we depend more and more on technology, relying on it for basic things. We put all our information willingly online. We are unintentionally creating a persona that mimics us, living within this digital reality. It is becoming more and more like us. Can we all say this is an honest representation of who we are? We are giving away a part of us in small amounts every day in exchange for a stronger online presence.”