1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Representations of the Virgin and Child in European Art-Medieval to Baroque

A Christmas-themed Art History workshop by Dr. Sarada Natarajan.

Date: Saturday, December 22, 2018
Time: 10:30AM – 4:30PM
Venue: 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery
Registration Fee: Rs. 500/-

In this day-long workshop with a Christmas theme, we look at painted and sculptural representations of the Virgin and Child through the ages and across cultures. Beginning with Early Christian painted images, the workshop focuses on turn on Byzantine icons, late medieval images of Mary, Italian Renaissance Madonnas and grand Baroque renderings of the Mother and Child. Three significant expressions of Marian devotion from the colonized nations will also be examined in their contextual specificity. The workshop facilitates immersion into the myriad forms, materials, styles, functions, iconographies, and changing meanings of this pivotal image of Christian art in a variety of cultural habitats.

Dr. Sarada Natarajan taught art history and theory at institutions like the University of Hyderabad and Shiv Nadar University, Uttar Pradesh for over 14 years and has recently moved to Bangalore. She is fascinated by ancient and medieval art practices from across the world. She sees it as her mission to infect everyone she interacts with – artists, college students, school children, and open-minded people from all walks of life – with her enthusiasm for material cultures of the past.