1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Homeland – a printmaking exhibition

Exhibition opens on April 29, 2018, at 6 PM.
Exhibition on display till May 2, 2018, 6 PM.

About International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP): International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP), India is a non-profit initiative through which printmakers share their work with each other across the globe. Participants individually exhibit the IPEP compiled portfolio in their respective locations and get to add it to their own collection. Consequently, their work gets exhibited internationally. IPEP boosts networking among printmakers and creates awareness about printmaking as an art form among its viewers.
IPEP Curated by Rajesh Pullarwar, an artist printmaker is the founder and organizer of IPEP India. He attempts to bring together artists in various stages of their careers on an equal aesthetic footing, irrespective of their works’ commercial value. Within 5 years, his initiative has spawned into 120 participants contributing 44+ exhibitions at 39+ different locations worldwide.
About the exhibition: The participant artists aptly reflected the idea of ‘home’ for humans as well as animals and across borders, beyond the limitation of national borders. The multiple layers of emotions evoked by the idea of homeland have been addressed from different perspectives by the artists. Some created nostalgia, some questioned the political borders and habitat loss for the animals and some delved into the history of the land to discover the present hegemony. 
The ideas of ‘motherland’, ‘patriotism’, ‘nationalism’, ‘migration’, ‘refugee’ and the struggle to cling to our Homeland for peace, continue to be our dream.