1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Sound as Ornament+BANGALONE

a joint exhibition by Freya Hattenberger, Peter Simon & Daliah Ziper

Opens Friday, Aug 16, 2019 @ 6:30PM

Sound as Ornament + BANGALONE are final presentations by 3 bangaloREsidents Freya Hattenberger, Peter Simon & Daliah Ziper. In a joint exhibition at 1 Shanthi Road Studio/Gallery they will present the progress and outcome of the projects developed during the bangaloREsidency 2019 – Season 1.SOUND AS ORNAMENTby Freya Hattenberger &Peter SimonbangaloREsidents@Srishti
Presentation of the research/art project on Brutalist Architecture in Bangalore. Using the example of the Visvesvaraya Towers, designed by Charles Correa and the Raman Research Institute Library, designed by Venkataramanan Associates, the media artists will present their conclusions and notions about modern architecture and its significance in Bangalore – in the past and today.
With sound, video and photographic samples of the research, Peter and Freya will explain their methods and approach. The experiences, meetings with local contributors and exchange of knowledge will be also a part of the presentation.
BANGALONEby Daliah Ziper bangaloREsident@1 Shanthi Road
How do we cope with rapid urbanization and the changes in our environment? How do they affect our everyday lives? Our daily state of mind?
Bangalore faces aggressive urban development and at the same time a dissipation of its original appearance as a Garden City. Lakes diminish, trees vanish – little remains of the natural cityscape. Bangalore of today, the IT hub with its fast-paced life leads to a disconnect between the place and its people. And then, loneliness creeps in. 
BANGALONE gives an insight into this reality. A state of mind, which on the surface remains invisible. But when looking beyond materialism, decelerating the city’s rush and by taking a distant bird’s-eye view, one might see a complaining city that is losing its most profound feature: its nature and its people. The publication BANGALONE seeks to document and expose, not the unknown, but rather the unseen.