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It’s Here Now by Umesh Maddanahalli

Project: The Cuisine, films on city, food, people and time
Film Title: It’s Here Now
Director: Umesh Maddanahalli
Runtime: 9 mins 9 sec
Genre: Social drama
“The Cuisine” Curated by, Archana Hande and Bharatesh GD

Umesh Madhanhalli’s short film is a reflection that is physical and metaphorical, it focuses on our current social and political conditions during the pandemic. He uses many oblique narratives about the self as witnesses and brings together situations that have confronted us as a nation in transition and crisis. This multimedia film uses installation, sculpture, fragments of current news, about crime, cooking food, quotations from poetry, and refers to the plight of the migrants, workers, and farmers. He asks difficult questions about our hypocritical reality and refers to his early preoccupations with materials, human body, like his mercurial images he is a maverick who is an artist, actor, cook, and farmer.