1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

I Came, I Saw, I Bought! – a group exhibition

Exhibition Opening: Friday 6th April 2018, 6 – 9 pm

A group exhibition about consumer culture featuring works by Aashish Shakeel, Divya Sri, Gauri Nagpal, Hrishitonoy Dutta, Ishan Shah, Mallika Joshi, Pallavi Singh, Poorva Goel, Pujasree Burman, and Vishal Govindan.

Exhibition on display till Sunday, 8th April 2018, 12 – 7:30 pmI Came, I Saw, I Bought! interrogates how consumerism shapes our lives and surroundings. How does the culture of mass production translate into our personal lives and shape our lifestyles? How does the pervasive nature of mass media affect our ideals of the body, selling us imaginary needs and distorting our very personal aspirations? With this show, Team Buy Chance has asked artists to find new ways of discussing our patterns of consumption, and bring forth new ways of dealing with them.
This show has been made possible with the support of Srishti Institute Of Art, Design & Technology and 1Shanthiroad.