1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

Choreographing invisible communities – Workshop convened by Stefanie Knobel

Workshop Schedule:
Thursday, 21.2 & Friday, 22.2 – 6pm – 10pm
Saturday, 23.2 & Sunday, 24.2, 3pm- 7pm

The workshop is free, limited to 20 participants. Compulsory attendance on all four days.
Please email or phone asap about your confirmation.

In contemporary times, our lives seem to get organized in invisible networks, whose accelerating forces are getting more and more complex. The 4 days long workshop provides an understanding of different choreographic methods, that move between the corporeal and the cerebral. We will collectively engage in a shared imagination that takes into account the invisible symbiosis of our bodies with drugs, hormones, fertilizer, bots, and algorithms.
The starting point for the workshop is our personal encounters, stories and existential experiences with life in Bangalore or our current place of stay. Within 4 days, we will create choreographies and situations that interweave the personal with current affairs and communicate a political voice in a private tone towards the outside. Propelled by a physical practice throughout the workshop, our engagement might us dance technologized ornaments or stutter over automated movement patterns. In a performative public extension of the workshop, such as a series of collective choreographies in the urban area, we search for adequate stagings of the diversity of body knowledge and our stories.

Stefanie Knobel is an artist and choreographer. Knobels work has been internationally presented at 24/7 – Friday Milk (RU), FRAC Lorraine Metz (FR), 6. International Moscow Biennale for Young Arts (RU), Aargauer Kunsthaus (CH) Künstlerhaus 
Bremen (DE), Helmhaus Zurich (CH), etc. 
Her work bases on bodily and linguistic practices, that alongside geopolitical dynamics, scrutinizes means of production, and the “public sphere”. Her choreographic approach is dedicated to realizing life and non-life situated in the different narratives of processes such as technology, labor and pharmaceutics. Propelled by a critical re-metaphorization of these “human” processes, Knobels work embodies a 
material formalism such as her performative breathing practice – hereish&nowish (2017), A manifestation for the quasi-public (2018-). Trough precise gestural layouts and intense physicality, Knobel is aiming to materialize zones of conflicts as possibilities of the hitherto unthinkable. Since 2015, Stefanie Knobel is lecturing a performance module at Zurich University of the Arts. Currently Stefanie Knobel is in a Studio Residency at 1Shantiroad Bangalore.