1Shanthiroad studio/gallery

‘Bangalore, Inside/ Out: A curated photography project

Curated by Ashok Vish and Sandeep TK

‘Bangalore, Inside/Out’ will look at the role of photography as a means of access to people and places that we otherwise might not have access to, signifying that photographing intimate subjects is a life instinct. The exhibition will look at the city of Bangalore but by shifting the gaze inwards. By combining ideas of fiction and fantasy, we hope that the show will take us through the photographers’ journeys in looking at the intimate while highlighting those personal stories, relationships, familial histories, interior spaces, and other subject matters that are unquestionably personal in nature in relation to the city of Bangalore. Through such personal narratives, and looking inwards, we hope to make further inquiries around the numerous changes and conflicts of the city of Bangalore.