Kerala sculptor KP Krishnakumar’s tragic suicide at thirty in 1989 shocked the Indian art world and many of us who were his colleagues and friends.

For Re-look 11, we have invited Anita Dube to present the paper she wrote for  “A Manifesto of Questions & Dialogue : A seminar around the practice of K P Krishnakumar and the Kerala Radical Group” organized by Office for Contemporary Art, Norway, and CoLab Art & Architecture, Bangalore at JNU in 2010.

Somberikatte @ 1Shanthiroad


RE-LOOK – Lectures on Indian Art

Midnight Dreams: The Tragedy of a Lone Revolutionary

K P Krishnakumar and the Radicals

a lecture by

Anita Dube

Artist, New Delhi

Sunday 27 February 2011 at  6:30 pm

@ 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery, Bangalore

#1, Shanthi Road, Shanthi Nagar, Bangalore – 560 027

Midnight Dreams: The Tragedy of a Lone Revolutionary

Anita Dube breaks a silence of twenty years to talk about the figure of K P Krishnakumar (1959- 1989): charismatic person, brilliant artist, and leader of the Indian Radical Painters and Sculptors Association. His meteoric career and premature death makes him the stuff of legend within contemporary art history. In an hour long paper, using a structure of quotation and commentary, a surreal method of allowing the mind to excavate buried material as if from the unconscious, she attempts to look at the “still life” from as many different angles and points of view as possible, working towards a process that can help break down myths to reveal the concrete.

Anita Dube is one of the leading Indian artists today, with a major international reputation. Having started her career as an art historian and critic, she works with a conceptual language that valourizes the sculptural fragment as a bearer of personal and social memory, history, mythology and phenomenological experience. She was a member of the Indian Radical Painters and Sculptors Association and wrote their manifesto Questions and Dialogue in 1987.

*RE-LOOK – Lectures on Indian Art

This series of lectures will present exciting new research being done in the areas of art history, art practice and visual anthropology in India, each for the first time in Bengaluru. Distinguished art historians and academics will be invited to give illustrated papers on their recent work and interests. There will be a lecture every month, which will take place at the popular artist space 1. Shanthiroad, situated in the heart of the city.

*Somberikatte: Somberikatte is a Kannada word meaning idler’s platform- usually the platform around a large tree where people gather to gossip and exchange news. It is a fictional institution: sometimes a forum, sometimes a film production company or the name of a photo studio, used by the artist Pushpamala N.

*1.Shanthiroad: The Studio/Gallery at 1.Shanthiroad, Bangalore, is an independent artist run space for art residencies, slide lectures, small conferences, installations, performances, screenings and informal gatherings. Centrally located with an award winning design, it was initiated by Suresh Jayaram and is administered by a not-for-profit trust VAC – Visual Art Collective.


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